Lucky Luck

LP - 2024

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Side A recorded at Cinderella Sound Studios, Nashville, TN, June 20, 2023. Recorded and mixed by Robert Lucas.
Side B recorded at Alex the Great, Nashville, TN, June 22-23, 2023. Produced, recorded and mixed by Brad Jones.
Mastered by John Baldwin, Infrasonic Sound.

Ika Weinz, vocals and guitar.
Mikael Bäckman, harmonicas.
Rickard Johanson, guitar and backing vocals.
Leonard Lindahl, pedal steel guitar.
Mathias Lundqvist, piano and backing vocals.
Viktor Stranbo, bass.
Walter Weinz, drums, percussion and backing vocals.

Charlie McCoy, bass on A1-5, harmonica on A2 and A6, vibraphone on A4.
Joe Spivey, fiddle and backing vocals on A1 and A3.
Jeff Taylor, accordion on A4 and A5.

All songs are written by Ika Weinz except Nashville Yodelin’ Blues, written by M. Bäckman. Mikael Bäckman plays Hohner harmonicas and JA Harmonicas. This album is made with support from BD Pop. Artwork and cover design by Weinz at Work, Ika Weinz. 

Label: Ella Ruth Institutet, 2024

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